Saint John’s wort oil

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Saint John’s wort oil is perhaps the oldest medicine. It has been known since the time of Hippocrates that it is healing properties under the name “Hyperico“. It is also called swortoil “spatholado” because it was used by the Spartans to cure the wounds of the swords after the battles. It is considered to be the balm of the soul as it has natural healing and soothing properties.

It is collected with the hands in the mountainous mountains of Agrafa.

We create it in a pure and natural way, using extra virgin olive oil and balsamic flower. The flower balm is collected in July, because then the flowers have the highest amount of hypericin. It is also called Saint John’s oil because, according to the story, the Baptist used it when he lived in the wilderness and healed his wounds. There are many properties that make this natural medicine unique and so special. Use in wounds, burns, injuries and #eczema, oral infections for backaches, joints and stomach upsets, coughing and gingivitis.

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