Organic aronia from the Agrafa mountains

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Aronia melanocarpa (Aronia melanocarpa), belongs to the family of rosacea (Rosaceae) and is a valuable medicinal species. Aronia in the international scale of medicinal plants (1-5) holds the first place (scale 1).

It is a deciduous long-lived shrub (lives up to 100 years), 1-3 meters high.
Systematic cultivation, in Europe and Russia, began after the Second World War, after previously recognizing the valuable medicinal and health value of its fruits.
The plant blooms in May or June, the flowers are white and grow in small inflorescences.
The fruit is small (7-10 mm), round, light black at the beginning and black when ripe.
Fruit production starts from the third year and gradually increases.
In Greece, aronia ripens in late August to early September (depending on the climate).
Aronia fruit has an acidic taste, has no sugar and is ideal for consumption by diabetics.
Aronia, due to its natural pectin, becomes an excellent jam. The company Agromenelais, created the aronia coating with sweetener agave syrup, without sugar.
2011: Registration of Aronia in the list of YP.A.AT. (as a medicinal plant / innovative cultivation), (
The main purpose of Aronia plantations is the production of edible and medicinal products, because the fruits and leaves of Aronia are rich in healing substances (anthocyanins, phenols, catechins, flavonols, etc.).
The fruit can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry, because it contains high levels of vitamin C (20-30 mg per 100 grams), as well as many other vitamins and minerals (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, E, K, P).

Aronia fruit is edible, delicious (especially after processing) and can be widely used in jams because it contains a valuable substance, pectin.

It is an ideal raw material for juice, raisins, liqueurs.

Aronia is considered a valuable species for its medicinal properties, due to its high content of vital polyphenols (five times more than grapes). Pharmaceutical properties.
Contains vitamin C in high levels (20 – 30mg per 100g), as well as many other vitamins and minerals (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, E, K, P).

Contains antioxidants with healing properties for:

Anti-inflammatory diseases
Prevention and treatment of heart and urological diseases.
Cell rejuvenation (enhances memory)
Radiation protection
Treatment of aphrodisiac and skin diseases
Reduction of hypertension
Cholesterol lowering
Extracts of aronia fruits and leaves have useful antioxidant properties and can be used by the pharmaceutical industry, because they contain substances with useful therapeutic properties (anthocyanins, polyphenols, bioflavonols, tannins, histamines, serotonins, etc.). Aronia fruit also protects us from radioactivity.
Aronia preparations are available in pharmacies abroad, in capsules, drops, etc.
Our company grows organic aronia to the unique enviroment of Agrafa mountains . You can contact us for wholesale of fresh superfoods.

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